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Tour of Morvan: the most sportive hike in Europe

The Sommant Horse Team equestrian tourism centre organises, on its favourite territory in Morvan, 3 or 4 weeks of this type of equestrian excursions per year, in May, June, August and September. These are clearly the most sporty horseback riding in Europe, and the ideal setting of the Morvan Natural Park, the green lung of Burgundy, where the paths are numerous and perfectly adapted to horses, offers you a privileged place of freedom and a change of scenery. The horses that will be at your disposal are all endurance horses, most of them born and bred by A Hue and A Dia in Sommant. You will be accompanied by a guide of equestrian tourism in love with his region and naturally the accomplice of your riding desires.

Horseback riding stages are often quite long between 40 and 60 km and the pace is very high, based on an average of about 10 km/h. Basically, it's a serious problem!!!!!

You will therefore have to do long gallops sometimes lasting several tens of minutes in varied terrain (climbs and descents) on bridle paths in the heart of forests and scrubland. The Tour du Morvan is 7 real days on horseback, roaming.

We welcome you the day before your departure and you will have so much trouble leaving us, that after the last evening meal, you may still come and caress your horse the next morning.... The hike takes place on a large loop within the Morvan Regional Nature Park. From Sommant, the tour starts at Les Settons, Dun les Places or Quarré les Tombes, Vézelay, Lantilly, Château-Chinon, Saint léger sous Beuvray then back to Sommant.

Expect 7 days of horseback riding full of emotions, equestrian adventures and sporting sensations that will make you discover or practice another horseback riding without restraint. Overnight stays are in two-star hotels in Morvan (where there are few or no three stars!) or in a castle (Lantilly) where your hosts will be delighted to introduce you to the local cuisine. The rider's well-being is never forgotten during this luxurious equestrian ride. To do this, you will benefit from regional lunch,

An assistance vehicle follows the hike with luggage and a trailer (van) so you can have access to your personal belongings for lunch and dinner, but also consider taking a half-day break by leaving your horse to the assistance that will take him to the stage while you can rest if necessary, a very practical idea and quite commonly used. Foreign riders do not hesitate to come and visit us, the guides speak English* and the hikes can be partly English-speaking. (* the level of English language is quite irregular from one guide to another but humour, availability and kindness are common to all)



Dates From 22/06/2019 to 30/06/2019
From 27/07/2019 to 04/08/2019
From 24/08/2019 to 01/09/2019
From 21/09/2019 to 29/09/2019
Accommodation 2* hotels, table d'hôtes or castle (Lantilly)
Accompagnateur Equestrian tourism guide
Equestrian level required  Comfortable and independent at all three speeds, in various terrain and speeds and in good physical condition
Price 1680 €
To come By train: Nearest TGV station: Le Creusot TGV station By car: By your own means Carpooling

Program of the week

Welcome day

Saturday from 5:30 pm in Sommant

Day 1: Sunday

Summoning to the lake of Settons via the Crapissot, the national forest of Anost, the wild boar enclosure and the lake. Overnight stay: Hotel Les Grillons

Day 2: Monday

Les Settons has Qarré les Tombes via the saboterie de Gouloux, the Breuil forest, the lake of Saint Agnan, one of the squares and the forest of Quarré les Tombes. Overnight stay: Hôtel du Nord

Day 3: Tuesday

Quit the tombs at Vézelay via Montigny and Saint André en Morvan, Cure, Usy, Saint Père Sous Vézelay and the vineyard. Overnight stay: Hotel du Morvan

Day 4: Wednesday

Vézelay to Lantilly via Pierre Pertuis, Bazoches and Vauban. Overnight stay: Château de Lantilly

Day 5: Thursday

Lantilly to Château Chinon via Montreuillon, Lake Panessière. Overnight stay: Hôtel du Parc

Day 6: Friday

Château Chinon in Saint Léger sous Beuvray Via Saint Léger de Fougeret, the Haut Folin massif, the national forest of Saint Prix, the Etang de la Goulette and Mont Beuvray (Bibracte site). Overnight stay: Hotel du Morvan

Day 7: Saturday

Return to Sommant via the Mizieu forest, the Chaloire valley and the Fontaine aux Loups.

Be careful this comfortable equestrian hike moves a max Tour de Morvan, it seems that it is the most sportive hike in Europe! Want to see other horizons? We also organize other sports equestrian excursions in France or abroad with the same professionalism and passion.